Unified Security Operations Platform

A one-stop security operations platform that enhances SOC capabilities through predictive and proactive threat management while providing no window of opportunity for threats.

securaa architecture

One Platform For All Your
SOC Needs!

Securaa brings together the benefits of a mature threat intelligence platform (TIP), proactive asset and vulnerability management (AVM) and reliable security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) under a single umbrella.

  • Threat Intelligence feeds for SOC teams to be predictive while enabling effective management of protective and detective security controls
  • Unified compliance posture across assets to proactively manage organization’s vulnerability posture and security controls coverage gaps
  • Out of box API integrations and pre-configured playbooks to improve SOC’s ability to shrink the triage and response time.

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR)

Enable case management, automatic enrichment, custom playbooks and reporting through a comprehensive SOAR platform. Securaa facilitates the SOAR platform both as an on-premise or SaaS deployment to fit your organisation's requirement. Combined with TIP & AVM modules, SOC teams will be more productive and agile to respond to today’s growing attack surface and threat vectors.

  • Case Management For Multiple Sources
  • Playbooks
  • Automatic Enrichment
  • Integrated with Securaa’s AVM and TIP modules
SOAR Platform Vendors

Asset & Vulnerability Management

Asset & Vulnerability Management

Prioritize vulnerability remediation in your infrastructure with a dynamic 'Asset inventory and Vulnerability Management Platform'. Securaa helps you build a dynamic asset inventory and fuses intelligence from vulnerability scanners, business context, exploits & vulnerability intelligence data which in turn helps with prioritizing the vulnerabilities that can have the most impact on your organization.

  • Track Asset Landscape Across On-Premise & On-Cloud Infra
  • Find Coverage Gaps
  • Automate Responses To Vulnerabilities Impacting Business
  • Integrated With Securaa SOAR & TIP

Threat Intelligence Platform

Operationalize threat intelligence and provide a workbench for your analysts to collect, manage and analyze data from multiple sources. Securaa's TIP shelters over 20 open source and commercial threat intelligence providers which can be analyzed and actions can be pushed to third party products within minutes.

  • Collect, Manage and Analyze Threat intelligence
  • 20+ Open Source Feeds
  • Automate Responses
  • Build Local & External Threat Intel
  • Integrated With SOAR & AVM Modules
Threat Intelligence Platform

Why Organisations Choose Securaa?

Securaa equips organisations with a powerful tool to quickly investigate and respond to threats whether they come in the form of Alerts, Vulnerabilities or Shadow IT across different sources and environment.

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Platform for Threat Response

Manage security alerts, threat intelligence, vulnerabilities and asset data from a single console.

Automate Repetitive

Use visual playbook editors to automate redundant tasks used by analysts for response or hunting.

Reduce Mean Time To Respond

Use Playbooks effectively to automate investigation and response tasks and there by respond to threats faster.

Increase Overall Productivity

Lets SOC teams focus on productive aspects of security operations making them more productive and agile.

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