Threat Intelligence Platform

Operationalize threat intelligence from multiples source and provide a
workbench for the analysts to collect, manage and analyze data.

Respond Faster to Threats

Securaa enables organizations to operationalize and aggregate threat intelligence from over 20 sources, finds the relationship between indicators and incoming alerts while providing mechanisms to respond to these threats in the most efficient manner. It operates like a workbench for the analysts to collect, manage, investigate each indicator and accordingly push actions to third party products for various use-cases.

In addition, Securaa’s TIP platform also provides collaboration for analysts to share feedback into the platform for various indicators and share it with other analysts within or outside the organization as per the organization's SOP.

Elements Of Securaa TIP


Automatically collects and reconciles data & insights from various sources and formats like JSON/CSV/STIX and TAXII

Normalization & Enrichment

Consolidates data across sources & formats, removes duplicates, adding context & rating indicators


Integrates with various devices to either consume data, use it for enrichment or feed data back for alerting and blocking

Analysis & Response

Provides workbench for analyzing indicators, find historical activity and associations with threats or entities in the environment

Highlights Of Securaa's TIP

Select From Millions Of Indicators
Seamless MITRE ATT&CK Support
Complete STIX/TAXII, API And
CSV Support
Get Both Local & External Threat Feeds
Tightly Built & Integrated with SOAR & AVM
Collaborate & Share With All Stakeholders

Securaa Capabilities

Playbook Automation
Threat Intelligence Aggregation
Prioritized Vulnerability Remediation
Cyber Exposure
Unified Response
SaaS and OnPrem
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