A single platform to collect, manage and respond to threats detected by existing security technologies like SIEM, Firewalls, threat intelligence, End Point protection Platforms.

Securaa offers a wide range of solutions
to empower your organisation


Automation & Orchestration

Securaa's orchestration & automation integrates with your infrastructure to automate mundane tasks & increases efficiency of SOC teams, reduces response time for incidents.


Intelligence Workbench

Securaa lets you aggregate, reconcile and analyze intelligence & data from various sources/environment, find associations and execute actions, all under a single dashboard.


Coverage Gaps

Securaa automatically builds asset inventory data by executing lookups on all the integrations including vulnerability scanners, public endpoint protection solutions or CMDB.


Threat Hunting

Securaa automates your threat hunting program to target specific tasks & indicators across infrastructure or in historical databases of various activity repositories like SIEM & data lakes.


Phishing Analysis

Securaa supports phishing attempt analysis by offering analysis and enrichment of the incoming phishing attempts either as alerts or as email while monitoring mailboxes.


Streamline Incident Response

Use the native case management built within Securaa to effectively track and respond to security incidents while tracking the inbox for fraudulent and suspicious content.

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