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Securaa can help any small, medium or large IT teams to overcome slow, manual intervention from conventional incident response processes with machine-speed decision making and improved response rate.

Securaa offers a wide range of solutions
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Threat Hunting

Securaa lets you automate your threat hunting program completely. You can use automate hunting specific tasks whether they look for specific indicators across infrasturcutre or in historical databases of various activity repositories like SIEM, data lakes, etc.

Case Management

Security teams struggle with managing cyber security incidents across ticketing systems, SIEM and other tools. Securaa can work as the common case management platform that can orchestrate with various ticketing and alerting system. The system also tracks closure of tickets in other systems.

Automation & Orchestration

Securaa provides a unified orchestration and automation platform that integrates with your infrastructure and lets you automate mundane tasks for analysts. This increase efficiency of the SOC team and reduces response time for incidents. You can add new integrations using the BYOI


Coverage Gaps

Securaa automatically builds the asset inventory data by doing lookups on all the integrations that have asset data. This includes vulnerability scanners, public cloud endpoint protection solutions or CMDB. This data is correlated and any gaps in coverage are automatically reported. Ex- Assets hosted on cloud that don’t have an endpoint product present. It helps you track unapproved systems(Shadow IT) launched by users without appropriate security controls

Phishing Analysis

Securaa supports phishing attempt analysis by offering analysis and enrichment of the incoming phishing attempts either as alerts or as email. Securaa can monitor mailboxes where suspected emails are sent. The entire data in the email header and content is analysed and a decision can be taken automatically if any suspicious output is found

Investigation Support

Securaa provides the common interface to run commands on third party systems for pulling data needed for investigation. Analysts can save the output in case system as evidence, add notes. The system keeps track of all the activity on the timeline

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