Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR)

Orchestrate, Automate and Respond to security alerts using
Visual Playbooks and Case Management modules from the platform

SOAR Platform Vendors

Integrate Different Security Tools To Enable
Automated Incident Response

Securaa enables collection of alerts from various sources such as SIEM & cloud applications, by performing automatic enrichments on entities (ex: users, IPs and domains). In addition, it also prioritizes alerts based on the outcomes from various investigations done on alert data, integrates seamlessly with different technologies and helps SOC teams to take decisions swiftly through security incidents, event management, endpoint protection platforms (EPP), threat intelligence platforms, user directories like AD and LDAP, Firewalls & Sandboxes.

Securaa provides intelligence reports by automating the data collection into a single place enabling analysts to review and decide if the situation is suspicious. If the investigation confirms an incident, it would initiate the workflow (playbook) to respond to the incident.

Elements Of Securaa's SOAR


Integrate with various third party technologies and platforms


Use playbooks to automate mundane tasks across environments


Automatically execute response for various categories of thread.


Investigate and correlate millions of indicators & with realtime and historic alerts

Highlights Of Securaa's SOAR

Automate level 1 response
in a SOC
Execute threat hunting programs manually or automatically
Bring your own Integrations to integrate unsupported devices
SOAR Highlights
Reporting for business impact and cyber risk
Canned Case management workflow system
Tight Integration with AVM and TIP Modules for threat response and analytics

Securaa Capabilities

Playbook Automation
Threat Intelligence Aggregation
Prioritized Vulnerability Remediation
Cyber Exposure
Unified Response
SaaS and OnPrem
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