Asset & Vulnerability Management

Prioritize vulnerability remediation for your IT infrastructure with
a dynamic 'Asset inventory and Vulnerability Management Platform.

Cyber Exposure Powered By Assets And
Vulnerability Intelligence

Securaa provides a dynamic asset inventory using apps built for external platforms. The collected data is fused with vulnerability data, exploit data and vulnerability intelligence from both open source and commercial intelligence platforms. This combined with business context can be used to find an unapproved asset, discover coverage gaps and prioritize vulnerability remediation.

AVM is part of the Securaa’s threat response platform which uses the data to prioritize the investigation and help SOC teams to respond to malicious activities.

Elements Of Securaa AVM


Collects asset data from hundreds of cybersecurity asset sources


Analyze each asset based on category, source, confidence level & business context


Each asset to business context, vulnerabilities, exploit & threat intelligence


Remediation of vulnerabilities based on the context, exploit probability & impact

Highlights Of Securaa's AVM

Integrated Dynamic Asset Inventory
Asset, Vulnerability and Intelligence Data
Find Shadow IT Directly From Platform
Discover Coverage Gaps From Detailed Insights
Tight Integration With Ticketing Platforms
Correlates Data With Securaa SOAR Module

Securaa Capabilities

Playbook Automation
Threat Intelligence Aggregation
Prioritized Vulnerability Remediation
Cyber Exposure
Unified Response
SaaS and OnPrem
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